Three Seater Waiting Chairs

KSh 24,500.00

-Modern and sleek appearance

-Non-padded surface for easy maintenance

-Provides stability and durability

-Accommodates multiple users comfortably

-Ideal for airports, office, hospitals, bus terminals, and public spaces.

-Low-profile design fits in various waiting areas.

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Three Seater Waiting Chairs is a functional and durable seating solution designed to provide comfort and convenience in high-traffic areas. Crafted with quality materials, this bench offers a minimalist and modern design that complements any airport or public space. The absence of padding allows for easy maintenance and cleaning, making it ideal for busy environments. The sturdy metal frame ensures stability and durability, capable of withstanding heavy usage. With its spacious design, the airport bench accommodates multiple users comfortably, providing a convenient waiting area for travelers. The sleek and low-profile appearance of the Three Seater Waiting Chairs makes it a versatile and space-saving addition to any waiting room or transit area.


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