Steel Cabinet with In-built Safe

KSh 29,500.00

  1. High-security Safe: The in-built safe within the steel cabinet comes with advanced security features, including electronic keypad locks or biometric access, offering peace of mind for storing important documents, cash, or valuable items.
  2. Durable Steel Construction: The cabinet itself is constructed from sturdy steel, providing excellent durability and resistance to tampering, ensuring the long-term security of your belongings.
  3. Organized Storage: Beyond the safe, the steel cabinet usually offers adjustable shelves and compartments, allowing you to efficiently organize and store a variety of items, from files and paperwork to electronic devices and office supplies.
  4. Fire Resistance: Many steel cabinets with in-built safes are equipped with fire-resistant properties, safeguarding your documents and valuables from potential fire hazards.
  5. Sleek Aesthetic: Despite its heavy-duty security features, these cabinets often feature a modern and sleek design, seamlessly fitting into any office or home decor while providing an unassuming yet powerful security solution.
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A Steel Cabinet with an In-built Safe is the epitome of security and organization for both home and office spaces. This multifunctional furniture piece offers a robust storage solution with an added layer of protection for your valuables, documents, and sensitive items.

The primary feature of this steel cabinet is its integrated safe, which is designed to safeguard your most valuable possessions. This in-built safe typically features a secure locking mechanism, reinforced steel construction, and fire-resistant properties to ensure the utmost security for your items.


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