Fireproof Safe with Wheels

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Fireproof Safe with Wheels

Peace of Mind on the Move: This Secure Fireproof Safe with wheels offers ultimate protection for your valuables. All drawers lock for added security, and the mobile design allows for easy placement

Ultimate Protection for valuables with all-locking drawers and convenient wheels for easy relocation.

This secure and mobile solution is perfect for homes and businesses alike

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Fireproof Safe with Wheels

Uncompromising Security and Unmatched Convenience:

The   Fireproof Safe with Wheels provides the ultimate solution for protecting your irreplaceable documents and valuables. This secure safe features four spacious drawers, each equipped with a lock for added peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Fireproof Construction: Offers superior protection against fire damage, ensuring your valuables remain safe.
  •  Provide ample storage for important documents, media, and valuables.
  • All Lockable :  features a lock for enhanced security.
  • Convenient Mobility: Equipped with wheels for effortless positioning in your home or office.

Invest in Security and Mobility:

The  Fireproof Safe with Wheels allows you to keep your valuables safe and easily accessible. This versatile safe is perfect for homes and businesses alike, offering exceptional protection and convenient mobility.

Ideal for:

  • Storing important documents (passports, wills, birth certificates)
  • Protecting valuables (jewelry, electronics, cash)
  • Businesses requiring secure storage for sensitive materials


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