Electronic Digital Lock Fireproof Safe

KSh 200,000.00

    • Fire Resistance: The safe is engineered to protect its contents from fire damage, often rated for a specific duration (e.g., 1 or 2 hours) at certain temperature levels.
    • Electronic Digital Lock: The digital lock offers secure and convenient access via a PIN code, and some models may include a backup key option.
    • Sturdy Construction: Heavy-duty steel construction ensures the safe’s durability and resistance to tampering.
    • Adjustable Interior: Many safes come with adjustable shelves and compartments to help users organize their valuable items and documents.
    • Bolt Locking System: A robust locking bolt system enhances security by preventing unauthorized access.
    • Size and Capacity: Available in various sizes and capacities to suit different storage needs and spaces.
    • Outside (mm) H876 W520 D520
    • Inside (mm) H676 W380 D330


    •  Weight (kg) 122


    •  Capacity (l) 84


    •  Tray 1


    •  Shelf 1


     Fire Class 90 Paper
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An Electronic Digital Lock Fireproof Safe is typically constructed from heavy-duty steel and is lined with fire-resistant insulation materials. This combination of materials ensures that the safe can withstand high temperatures, such as those caused by fires, for a specified duration, often measured in hours. The safe is designed to keep the internal temperature below a critical threshold, thus protecting the contents from fire-related damage.

The electronic digital lock on the safe provides secure access through a keypad or touchpad. This type of lock allows users to set their own unique PIN code for entry. Some models may also include backup key access in case the electronic lock fails or the user forgets their PIN. The safe may feature a robust locking bolt system to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, it is often designed with adjustable shelves and compartments to help users organize their valuables and documents efficiently.


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