Diplomat Fireproof Safe with electronic lock

KSh 85,000.00

  1. Advanced Digital Lock: The electronic lock offers quick and secure access to your safe, providing ease of use while maintaining high levels of security.
  2. Trusted Key Lock: For added peace of mind, a traditional key lock is included as a backup, ensuring access even in case of lockouts.
  3. Robust Fireproof Construction: The safe is built to withstand extreme temperatures, protecting your valuables from fire damage.
  4. Ample Storage: With dimensions of 522 x 404 x 440mm and a weight of 53kg, it offers sufficient space to secure documents, jewelry, electronics, and more.
  5. Total Security: The Diplomat Fireproof Safe combines cutting-edge technology with time-tested security features to ensure your belongings remain safeguarded in any situation.
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Introducing the Diplomat Fireproof Safe, a secure fortress for your most valuable possessions. With its advanced digital lock and traditional key lock, this safe combines modern technology with trusted security measures. Measuring 522 x 404 x 440mm and weighing 53kg, it provides ample space to safeguard your documents, jewelry, electronics, and other cherished items.

This safe offers unmatched protection against fire, ensuring your belongings remain intact even in the face of adversity. Its fireproof construction is meticulously engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, providing peace of mind during unexpected emergencies. The advanced digital lock system allows for quick and convenient access, while the traditional key lock serves as a backup, ensuring you can always retrieve your valuables, regardless of the circumstances.


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