4-Way straight workstation

KSh 102,000.00


Has 04 segments each with a lockable three drawers pedestal

Brown color with a blend of dark gray lining

Has glass partition, grommets to keep all wires within your workspace in place

Measures 2.4 meters long by 1.2 meters wide

Also available in 2-way and 6-way designs

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Our 4-way workstation measures 2.4 meters length, 1.2 meters width and a standard height of 0.73 meters. Each segment comes along with a 3-drawers lockable side drawer for file sorting purposes or even document storage. It has glass partitioning, grommets to keep all wires within your workspace.

furniture-With the modern world, privacy is a need; and with the opaque divider one is able to perform his/ her tasks with assured levels of privacy. It also comes along with 3 drawer side pedestal efficient for file sorting and document storage; with a depth of up to 13 centimeters (0.13 meters) you get to store all the essentials you need to keep you up & running in your day in day out activities be it in an open


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