4-Drawer FireProof Safe

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The 4-Drawer FireProof Safe comes with additional strong protection key lock, 3-8 password digital key-pad lock. To set a password of 3-8 characters then press #, confirm password then set.The  safe has two backup batteries for power provision incase of power shortage.

Fireproof file cabinets definitely cost more than the standard ones. But in terms of protection from fire, these heavy-duty units can provide you with peace of mind.

The best brands can also survive the impact of falling to the ground. So after the ashes have fallen, you may still find your confidential files in good hands.

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4-Drawer FireProof Safe

There are several different types of locking mechanisms available depending on the level os security you desire. You’ll find a variety in the recommendations below, from traditional keys and combination locks to electronic keypads. Any of these choices are adequate for basic security, but if you’re concerned about theft or limiting access to others in the household, consider a safe with a biometric locking mechanism.

Size and Dimensions

The size of the valuables you need to store and the available space in your home will dictate the dimensions needed for your fireproof safe. Look for a deeper safe if you need to protect a large cache of valuables or a variety of different-sized items. Avoid installing a safe in the master bedroom, where security experts indicate thieves are most likely to check for valuables first.

Weight and Portability

For a fireproof safe you can transport, look for lightweight fireproof chest or document box that weighs 30 pounds or less. it can be carried without strain no matter your physical capabilities. Heavier fireproof home security safes (upwards of 75 pounds and designed to deter thieves) usually specify and provide hardware for floor mounting.

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Many fireproof safes claim to be water-resistant or waterproof, but only in certain conditions such as standing water of 5- to 8- inches, and possibly for only a certain duration of time. This ensures added protection of the safe’s contents when sprinklers go off in an apartment complex or the safe finds itself in the direct line of heavy-duty hoses.

4-Drawer FireProof Safe
4-Drawer FireProof Safe

How We Evaluated Fireproof Safes

I determined the best fireproof safes by evaluating home safes currently on the market, purchasing and testing safes in my home, and reviewing fireproof standards from the UL and Intertek labs. I also considered customer reviews as well as recommendations from professional firefighters.

During this process, I purchased several fireproof safes to test and ultimately kept the Honeywell Fire Safe recommended below. My decision was driven by the small number of documents and valuables I need to store as well as how often our family needs to evacuate due to wildfire risk. However, I was surprised at how attractive and easy-to-use the SentrySafe fireproof models were, and considered finding more things to store simply to justify keeping one.

I further found Amazon awash in off-brand home security safes that were listed as fireproof, but only included a fire- resistant envelope. It requires a sharp eye to parse out genuinely fireproof safes, so buyer beware when doing your own research.


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