2 way working station

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Working stations are the modern trends in enhancing team work within an organization, but the size and the layout of an office is really an important factor to consider before purchasing a working station of any size or kind. Furniture Choice Kenya LTD. offers a variety  of working stations.

Product Description

Our executive two way working station is all another next level workspace, with two segments separated by opaque dividers. In a world where privacy is everything, this is an essential feature since one has the assurance that his or her work isn’t exposed to other personnel within that particular organization. The spacious top space offers a more that enough platform to setup every electronic you need to be up and running on your day in day out tasks; with a wire manager you get to arrange the wires in the most suitable way to reduce any unexcepted inconvenience.

The work station also comes with a 3 drawer pedestal; the 3 drawers are lockable hence ensuring safety of documents and also aid to effective file sorting. With a storage depth of up to 13 centimeter (0.13 meters)

Effective set-up & use

-With a maximum height of 72-73 centimeters from the floor to the top surface; that’s quit enough seating space for any tall person.

Wondering the kind of seat to use? we got you covered with our variety of office seats that can fit well and keep you comfortable for the long working hours.

-The image alongside can give you a clear idea on how to furnish your work space or even more better we are at large to help our client setup up office spaces of any kind with the help of our esteemed team.

-Each segment has a width of 1.2m (120 meters), 

-This is just a trailer. Imagine at a seating height of about 38 – 55 centimeters , seated in a 90° angle; that definitely gives you a 20° viewing angle of any screen display in front of you (No other comfortable seating posture ever as this one)

-We have a variety of color and designs of the two way working station.


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